D. Wells

Victoria D. Wells is a local actress, dancer, and model in Los Angeles, California

She studies Adler technique with Majorie Ballentine in Hollywood and regularly attends dance training at PlayGroundLA.

She recently flexed her stunt training and dramatic chops in the dark comedy indie feature ‘The Influencer’ which comes out on video on demand platforms September 14, 2021. She captures multiple characters in the horror anthology ‘Debbie and the Devil’ with her epic voice-overs and gets comical with her role as the devil’s assistant, Miss Vashy.

Victoria regularly models for brands and creates conceptual music videos for various artists. Acting, modeling, and dancing are just a few of the many talents in front of and behind the scenes Victoria continues to master. By using her background of Shoalin Kempo and Krav Mega, Victoria has a wide variety of martial art forms that create characters with knowledgable training. She can use every aspect of all she knows to breathe real life into any character.